Hi, I’m Genora

Since the inception of this blog, many people have asked why I chose the name Genorally Stylish? Most people just figure it’s a play on my name, but, that’s only half true. The name came to me while washing dishes (more about my dishwashing musings later) I wanted a site that encompasses my love for all things stylish. Be it in fashion, DIY, or travels. Basically, it’s a generally stylish blog …or should I say Genorally stylish?

Who am I?

I am what some people call a “box-baby”. It’s a term used to refer to a child who had to travel and live in numerous countries or states because of their parent’s job. I’ll admit, in a time when there was no Facebook or Skype, it felt awful to leave close friends behind, but the fun of traveling to a new country and learning cultures always overshadowed the sadness. So yeah, my love for traveling was established pretty early in life.

My other love in life is fashion. By 4 I had decided that I had my own fully developed style and would not wear anything else (sorry, mum). By 5, I would play with scraps of fabric and try to piece them together without glue or needle and thread (spoiler alert: it didn’t work). By 10, I made my first useable item, a tennis racket bag which I loved, but sadly it got lost in our next big move. At 16, I took a pattern making class and by 17, I was making my own clothes and soon enough I was making clothes for others. But as my mum would say when my siblings want my stuff “sharing is caring”. I wanted to find a platform, to share what I’ve learned over the years and a place to record new discoveries – that’s where this blog comes in .

Why the blog?

As life would have it, I didn’t know what I wanted to be after graduating high school. And in a culture based on studying engineering, law and/or medicine in college, I joined the status quo and studied nursing. Halfway through the degree, I realized it was not what I wanted to do in life. So, after watching numerous videos asking me what was the one thing I’d do if money wasn’t an issue? I came up with 3 things. (Because I’m extra like that) Sewing, traveling and writing. But what next? I had already invested 4 years in my degree and with one more year to go, it seemed like a waste of time and resources to just drop out. Besides, how was I supposed to combine writing with sewing and traveling anyway?

It’s often said that great ideas are made in the shower. Well, my great ideas are made while washing dishes. Believe it or not, one evening, I was doing dishes and it occurred to me that I should start a blog, that way I could share my sewing adventures while traveling and hopefully still make a living. It was brilliant!  Like most of my dishwashing musings. (Please note, this is not an excuse to make me wash dishes every night).

Starting the blog wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But after many, many late nights and errors. I think I may finally be on the right path.

Where have I been?

So far, I’ve lived in South Africa, Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Trinidad and Tobago. Each for more than 3 years. I’ve also traveled to America, London, and St Lucia, with much more to come.

The one question I get asked all the time is “what’s your favorite country?”. This is a really hard question because every country has something that makes it special to me. However, there’s just something about London that keeps it very close to my heart.

What’s in it for you?

Maybe you found this site because you want to improve your sewing technique or maybe you just enjoy random DIYs as much as I do. Maybe you want travel advice or local advice on a particular destination. Whatever the reason, thank you for stopping by.

I hope I can add some value to your life by sharing what I know and the mistakes I’ve made in this long road to being a designer, traveler, and blogger. Hopefully, I can inspire you through my adventures to start or continue your journey on the right path.